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Lucky for me, Corona didn't actually interfere with too many of my goals! In fact, as far as sewing and writing go, I think I got MORE done because I didn't have as many other commitments. The one that took the biggest hit was karate, with partial completes on 2 out of my four goals. I was really close to completing my blogging goal. I got 5/7 on my quilting goal, but did 6 bonus quilts that weren't on my goals list! For costumes I finished 1/3 goals, and I completed my writing goal with flying colors! I also read 35 books this year, in case anyone was wondering.

Overall I am proud of myself! Keep reading for a more in-depth breakdown of my 2020 goals! 

1. Be Black Belt Ready 

a. Run a 10 minute Mile
I didn't quite get there, but I got close! I completed a couch to 5K program over the summer and made it to a 10:30 mile! It has been a while since I've been running regularly but I want to get back into it soon! 
b. Pass my Red III belt test
Since my karate school has been online only since March, and I'd rather test in person. 
c. Memorize all my advanced set combinations
Again with the closing of my karate school...
d. Get to a healthier weight through healthy eating and exercise

I did this...and then I gained it back in November and December. :(

2. Keep Blogging
Make 52 Blog Posts!
I made 44 posts! That's 2 more than last year, but not quite at my goal of 52. 

4. Keep Crafting
a. quilt for baby Sebastian 
b. quilt for baby River
c. quilt for baby Aidan
d. college t-shirt quilt
I did work on this a bit, in fact at one point I was sure that I had cut out all my shirt fronts and interfaced them...though I had a feeling I was missing some. Sure enough, I was cleaning out my closet and I found a bunch more! I was discouraged and set it aside for a while. Not to worry, it will be on my list again next year! 
e.  Catan Hex quilt (finish basting all the individual hexes at least)
Okay, well, almost done. I am SO CLOSE to not only having all my hexes basted, but to finishing the top of this quilt! I made so much amazing progress on this quilt this year I'm so happy!! Here is my last update from September. I'll do another update when the top is done! 
f. Christmas quilt
All the Christmas fabric I saw this year looked too much like wrapping paper and so I didn't end up buying any. I do have my eye on some that comes out next year though, so maybe by next Christmas I'll do this project! 

But I also made baby quilts for Emersyn, Nolan, and Beckett! And I made a friendship quilt for myself and for Alli! And I finished Jack's twin-sized quilt too! 

a. Gunnar's renfair outfit
I stalled out on this when Corona made it so that we wouldn't be able to go to renfair this year. I was pretty sad about it and didn't feel motivated to work on renfair stuff at all this year. :(
b. Saoirse's Sailor Scout outfit
No explanation, I just had other things to do LOL
c. Cool Halloween costumes!
I made Dashi Dog, Aang from Avatar, and a Minecraft Wither for my kids! It was awesome! 

5. Keep Writing

I did RWA meetings online, workshops online, wrote plenty of fanfiction, and even finished a 64K word first draft during Nano this year! Wohoo!