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Last weekend we had a once-in-a-lifetime amount of snow for Central Texas with 5 and a half inches!! I have lived here for most of my life and the most we've ever gotten is an inch or so every three or four years. I was amazed! And so were my kids! They weren't too keen on how wet and cold the snow was, and I wasn't too happy about the huge wet mess of clothes and shoes that our walk made (and the mud all over the floor!) but for once every few years I guess it was worth it. I do NOT want to live somewhere that snow is a regular occurrence! 

The pond by our house! 

She looked so tiny in the big white world!

Watch your step! This is still Texas, after all!

Jack was so excited! He's the only one who never complains about being cold.

Who can make the biggest snowball? James can, of course! He flopped around in the snow right away and was cold and wet for the rest of our walk.

Miles with snowy lashes! 

Do you want to build a snowman? I didn't because I didn't want my hands to get cold and wet from touching the snow haha. Thankfully Gunnar helped them make one. I forget why James was sulking. Rosemary went out and ate the carrot the next day. 

After a long wet walk in the snow, we had hot chocolate and watched a movie (Frozen, of course!) and then some warm Pea Soup for dinner. It was a wonderful day!