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Austin Comicon 2019!

Sunday was Father's Day, and Gunnar took the boys to Austin Comicon! I stayed home with the little kids this time, but maybe next year we can all go! They apparently had a ton of fun at the Jedi Academy, the kid's magic show, the science booth, and looking at all the costumes. Jack really wanted to go to the science demo, but it was full by the time they got back from lunch. Speaking of lunch, eat before you go because three hot dogs and a drink was $50 at the Cedar Park HEB Center! I loved getting picture updates through the day. Maybe next year I'll make them some Jedi costumes to wear!  Jack and James at the kid's Jedi Academy!    James said "I saw your movie! Do you know Miles Morales??"     "We didn't know that R2D2 was alive!" 

Little House on the Prairie Doll Dress

 Another historical doll outfit! This dress was made with the Thimbles and Acorns pattern " Laura and Mary ." Which is based on a photo of Laura and Mary Ingalls taken in 1880. I made this riiight before Miles was born, a small project to lift my lumbering spirits! I had a little trouble with the cuffs--entirely the fault of my brain, not the pattern--and I had to try three times to get them right, but otherwise it was a very easy, straightforward project. The fabric is just a cotton quilting cotton from my stash and the cute button is from my big bucket of estate-sale buttons. I've read the Little House books countless times through my life and always loved them. In fact, they were what got me interested in sewing to begin with when I was a little girl! My first ever sewing project was a bonnet for one of my dolls, followed by a bonnet for me! I had blue dress that reminded me of the one in the picture on the cover of "On the Banks of Plum Creek (my favorite

Youtube Spotlight: Morgan Donner

I LOVE watching costume-making videos on Youtube, and Morgan Donner is one of my favorites! She mostly focuses on medieval reenactment which is her hobby, but like the video below, she has projects from lots of different eras. Check out her channel!  

What I'm Reading Watching Playing: May

What I'm Reading Wheel of Time 12: The Gathering Storm Brandon Sanderson was a favorite author of mine before I had heard of Wheel of Time at all, and part of the reason that I started reading this series. Some reviewers have said that the transition between the novels written by Jordan and the ones by Sanderson is jarring, but I found it not just smooth but..refreshing. In the last few novels that Jordan wrote, the story was stagnant and the endless descriptions were dragging the pace down, so it was very nice when things got moving again. Sanderson's style is different, but I think he got the core of all the characters right.  This book picked up the pace and started on the massive task of resolving plot lines that had been danging since the very first book! Wheel of Time 13: Towers of Midnight The endgame is in sight, characters that have been apart for a long time are finally coming back together, and exciting changes are FINALLY happening. I especially liked Perr