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Avatar: The Last Airbender Kid's Aang Costume

 Wohoo! Halloween was a success at our house--at least, the costumes were! You can really tell that I miss cosplay when I dive in to making the Halloween costumes for my kids with con-level attention to detail. I mean....I hand sewed the hem of Aang's cape and it took hours. Because I am just extra like that! 

I made drafted the pattern based on his measurements, made a mockup out of an old sheet, and then dove in. The fabric is from Joaan's and it's a very flowy polyester that has great movement! Very airbendery! 

The cape closes with snaps in the front, the shirt is tucked into the pants, and the belt closes in the back with hook-and-eyes. The wrist and elbow cuffs (elbows are attached to cape) Also close with snaps. We didn't paint his feet because he had to wear shoes for trick-or-treating! 

I obviously did NOT let him shave his head (He didn't want to anyway LOL) so I ordered a bald cap online, cut it to his size, and attached it with spirit gum, then mixed up some acrylic paint and painted it a more natural skin tone than the bright white that it was originally!  The arrow is blue water-based costume make-up that I also ordered online. 

He loved it! Maybe in a few years I can convince Jack to be Sokka and James can wear this one!