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Dashi Dog from Octonauts


All my kids like Octonauts, but especially Jack and Rosemary! This year she wanted to be "Dashi Dog" who is the photographer for the Octonaut crew! I made the hat from a free pattern I found on pinterest, stuffed it, and attached it to a headband with safety pins. John 3-D printed the little Octonauts badge which I hot-glued a pin backing onto. I added some dark blue ribbon for trim. 

The collar I drafted based on her measurements and added the arrows (rank? lol) with dark blue fabric marker. I actually messed up the first collar I tried because I wanted to use my machine to embroider the arrows...and it turned out terrible! The little tiny collar warped into a misshapen mess. Oops. It was easy enough to make a new one. It isn't attached to the shirt, it fastens with a snap in the front. 

The skirt, hair clips, and boots we already had, and the shirt I ordered on Amazon. I put her hair into puppy ears and added a little brown puppy nose with my make-up to finish it off! I think she looked ADORABLE and she had so much fun! 

(It's hard to take not-blurry photos of a wiggly toddler right before trick-or-treating!)

And here is the "real" Dashi Dog for those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about! 


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