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Texas Renaissance Festival Costumes 2011

My new costume!   Me and John with the owl from the birds of prey show!  Quick Costume Overview:  Since I was 6 months pregnant at the time of Halloween/Renfair, NOTHING in my costume closet fit me and I had to basically start from scratch...darn! Underdress : White cotton twill with drawstring neck and sleeves, and underarm gussets. I should be able to wear this again when I'm not pregnant! Vest : Fully lined sparkly poly satin, laced up the front with ribbon through metal grommets. It's not boned, because I was going for comfort over...well, everything! Skirt : Beautiful red organza petals sewn into an apron-style waistband which I tied in a bow in the front. I'll have to post a tutorial on how I did that skirt because it turned out amazing and was really fun to wear.  Wings : I used this tutorial to make the shimmery cellophane wings! It was a bit time consuming, but they turned out great! Other : I bought the crown at the fa

Ikkicon VI Panel

Thanks to everyone who joined us at the Ikkicon VI HEROIC Larping Panel! Sorry we didn't post about it much in advance...the con originally told us we wouldn't be needed, but then a week before changed their minds and invited us to come play! The gang! Diana, John, Tom, Nick, and Me! (Yes, I'm 8.5 months pregnant in that picture).   First group of players!    Tom and Nick as Goblins. Players shall not pass! The players also had to get past some spiders. Second group of players The last group had to solve a sudoku puzzle to open the chest--they ended up just carrying the chest away. Whatever works!