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What I'm Reading/Watching/Playing June 2021

 Reading The Lady Astronaut Series The Calculating Stars by Mary Robinette Kowal I read this one and I kept hoping it would get better as it went along never did. It wasn't a bad book, but the main character got on my nerves all. the. time. I think it was a case of her first person narration saying one thing and then the character actually doing another. Or maybe it was how perfect and woke everyone was even though the story featured a lot of people of color in the 1950's and 60's. (Except for the One Racist Character and the One Sexist Character of course). It just felt flimsy and I wanted MORE tension and conflict over those topics, including in the main character's head. And also her narration about her perfect, sexy, wonderful, supportive husband got old fast. There was no conflict there.  Or maybe I just didn't like it because alternate history stories are Not My Jam and I need to stop reading them. Again, the idea was super interesting (An asteroid fa