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"Space" Toddler Quilt

 This was originally going to be a baby quilt, but even after the rest of the nursery was finished--curtain, crib skirt, boppy pillow cover--the fabric for the quilt sat in a pile for two years. Now, eight weeks from delivering baby #2, I had overwhelming urge to finally finish this quilt! It took a week of naptimes and evenings, but I got it done.So now it's a toddler quilt, finished just in time for Jack's 2nd birthday.   The front   The Back   Close up of the quilting from the back. I used a walking foot to make what I'm calling "wonky stars" on each square. I wasn't worried about perfection, I think the wonkiness is kind of charming. Close up of the fabrics. Dark blue "galaxy" squares and light blue with white stars. I used black satin blanket binding for the edges. Also, for the record, quilting is a huge pain in the butt and costumes are much easier and more fun. I definitely do not plan on switching hobbi