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Lincoln Zombie Walk 2010

A few weeks ago (okay, like a month ago, sorry!) John participated in the Lincoln Zombie Walk in Lincoln Nebraska! (He's currently a supersenior at UNL ) photo by programmerman He went as a survivor ( Left4Dead style) with a medpack strapped to his back and a gun ready in hand. With his amazing ninja and zombie-fighting skills, he was one of the last survivors standing, but was inevitably eaten/infected before the night was over, after being cornered in a tree on the university's campus. Zombie Walks happen all over the country, and they aren't just for Halloween! Zombie is a great easy costume that anyone can put together too, so there's no excuse for not having a costume this year! Instant Zombie Recipe Old Clothes, artistically torn White/gray/black face paint Fake Blood, splashed liberally on face and torso Moans and Groans about brains