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Dashi Dog from Octonauts

  All my kids like Octonauts, but especially Jack and Rosemary! This year she wanted to be "Dashi Dog" who is the photographer for the Octonaut crew! I made the hat from a free pattern I found on pinterest, stuffed it, and attached it to a headband with safety pins. John 3-D printed the little Octonauts badge which I hot-glued a pin backing onto. I added some dark blue ribbon for trim.  The collar I drafted based on her measurements and added the arrows (rank? lol) with dark blue fabric marker. I actually messed up the first collar I tried because I wanted to use my machine to embroider the arrows...and it turned out terrible! The little tiny collar warped into a misshapen mess. Oops. It was easy enough to make a new one. It isn't attached to the shirt, it fastens with a snap in the front.  The skirt, hair clips, and boots we already had, and the shirt I ordered on Amazon. I put her hair into puppy ears and added a little brown puppy nose with my make-up to finish it off!

Minecraft Wither Boss Costume

 I made a Minecraft Steve Costume a few years ago for Jack and it was a big hit. Now, years later, we all are STILL obsessed with Minecraft at my house, and James decided that he wanted to be the Wither Boss for Halloween this year! It was a really simple to make. I used a few pieces of black foam-core board and cut it using an exacto-knife, cutting mat, and metal ruler. I hot glued them into cubes and mounted them on a long piece of the foam board, with a space for his head to pop up through the middle. The eyes and mouth are white duct tape, and so is the "skeleton" on his sweatshirt, which I bought at Wal-Mart!  I think I made it a bit bigger than I should have LOL. He did NOT end up wearing it for very long because it was so big, bulky, and hard to balance. (Which I warned him about, but he insisted!) Instead, it sat on my stroller and spooked people as we walked through the neighborhood. He also, in the picture above, ran through the grass in his sock-feet and got prick

Avatar: The Last Airbender Kid's Aang Costume

 Wohoo! Halloween was a success at our house--at least, the costumes were! You can really tell that I miss cosplay when I dive in to making the Halloween costumes for my kids with con-level attention to detail. I mean....I hand sewed the hem of Aang's cape and it took hours. Because I am just extra like that!  I made drafted the pattern based on his measurements, made a mockup out of an old sheet, and then dove in. The fabric is from Joaan's and it's a very flowy polyester that has great movement! Very airbendery!  The cape closes with snaps in the front, the shirt is tucked into the pants, and the belt closes in the back with hook-and-eyes. The wrist and elbow cuffs (elbows are attached to cape) Also close with snaps. We didn't paint his feet because he had to wear shoes for trick-or-treating!  I obviously did NOT let him shave his head (He didn't want to anyway LOL) so I ordered a bald cap online, cut it to his size, and attached it with spirit gum, then mixed up