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NaNoWriMo Report!

 So, not only did I win, but this has been by far the most productive Nano I have ever done! I credit having kids in school and a baby who naps and not being pregnant and having the awesome support of my RWA chapter and...okay, if there is ONE silver lining to the crushing weight of the pandemic, it's that I had no karate, or mom's group, or playdates, or kids events to distract me from my daily writing goal. 

My final word count for the month is 63897 words

The most I wrote in one day was 3083 words

...and the fewest number of words I wrote in a day was 1700

...which means I achieved my secondary goal of writing at least 1660 words EVERY day in November! 

The month had it's ups and downs like usual, but I had far more "up" days than "down" days when it came to Nano! I actually got to 50,000 words on Nov. 23rd, and I "finished" by book (it is a very very rough first draft) on Nov. 28th! 

And what's my story about? Well, it's Cinderella except she's an Android AI powered by a ship's warp-core drive. It's YA and sci-fi and romance and there are raccoons and hippos and exploding space squids and "pod" racing and a fairy hackmother. It's not actually as weird as it sounds and honestly that's a little bit disappointing. I should probably make it weirder. 

Anyway, I'm going to spend about a week being happy about it before I forget about all my accomplishments and start hating myself again! Woohoo!