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New Catan Pillow!

New Pillow Old Pillow So this isn't exactly a Catan Quilt update, but it is definitely related! (I made this about a month ago, before I had Miles!) As mentioned previously, I once, many many years ago, made a Catan pillow for my couch. I used scraps, had zero knowledge of how to sew hexagons or quilt anything at all, and was very literal in my interpretation of the game board! Over the years this pillow has been used and abused and well loved, but after being barfed on (and washed!) one too many times, it was finally time to throw it away.  So, being allllmost done with all the land hexes for my huge Catan quilt, I went ahead and stitched together an actual game-sized selection of hexes and quilted them onto some rejected mountain-hex fabric to make a new pillow! The back, like the previous pillow, has a pocket opening so that the cover can be washed and the inner pillow replaced as needed. It's a small project and a small win, but I really needed that

Introducing Miles Gabriel

Welcome to the world! Meet Miles Gabriel. He came into the world last Friday and has been making everyone very happy! He was 8 lb 1 oz and 18 3/4 in long and has a lot of very dark hair!  My posting schedule will be a bit off from usual as I endure the sleepless nights and recover from my c-section, but I have a few posts already mostly typed up and ready to go that I will put up when I have time. Our family is thrilled to meet him and glad that everyone is healthy. 

Dinosaur Baby Quilt

Finished! With a week to spare, I got new baby's dinosaur quilt done. The main fabric is a pack of fat eighths called "Hear me Roar" by Studio E Fabrics which I ordered off of etsy...I meant to buy a fat quarters pack and accidentally got fat eighths...the first of many mistakes! The border fabric is just some quilting cotton from Joann's. I try not to use quilting cotton from Joann's because I have found that they fades A LOT after years of use and hundreds of washings compared to more expensive brands. But sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do! Once I have some fabric in hand, it's hard to find good color matches online rather than in person, plus I didn't really have time to wait for shipping. Technically this baby can decide to come whenever he feels like it at this point!  I had many  problems while I was making this quilt, and even though I'm overall happy with how it turned out, I'm still not ecstatic about it. It's not m

What I'm Reading Watching Playing: April

What I'm Playing Sadly, I haven't had the time or energy to play any fun new games this month, what with baby coming in a week (!) and several bouts of horrible stomach viruses making their rounds it the family, but I have been playing some games with my boys. Jack is 7 and James is 5, and thankfully we have moved beyond Candy Land and into some actually fun games!  Hiss This is a simple tile-laying and color matching game but surprisingly fun and satisfying. Each player takes turns laying down colored segments of snakes, trying to make the longest snake that has a head, tail, and as many matching colored middle pieces as you can draw in a row.  It's great for younger players because you don't have to be able to read, and it goes very quick. A patient 3 year old who can match colors could easily play, but my 7 year old Jack still loves it too.    What I'm Reading Wheel of Time Book 9: Winter's Heart I didn't have high hopes for t