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The Cutest Spike You Will Ever See

This costume took me 14 hours to make! I used cotton flannel in purple and mottled green, and drafted my own pattern based on 12 month sized pajamas. (It was actually too small around the thighs at first so I had to add a crotch panel.) The tail and head crest are stuffed with polyfill. It closes with a zipper which runs up the right side seam and curves to the collar. The hood is attached. Whew! Jack was such a good sport and wore it ALL DAY at the convention with no problems. I'm glad that I decided on flannel because it wasn't too hot like fleece would have been but it wasn't too thin and flimsy like a cotton print might have been. I've already washed it three times and it's holding up great! I will try to upload a pattern or basic sketch of how I made it in the future. Let me know if you want it!

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Cosplay Group

Here's the best group shot of everyone!! Left to right is Gunnar as a Diamond Dog, Jack as Spike, Angela as Rarity, Nicole as Rainbow Dash, Tiffany as Pinkie Pie, and Zach as Discord WE ROCK!!!! Details on individual costumes to come!

More Tough Mudders

Wohoo! Last weekend the Fire Ferrets ran the Tough Mudder, completing 21 of 22 obstacles on the 12 mile course. (They all fell off of the Funky Monkey.) This pic was taken by Tiffany after the first obstacle, right before the Arctic Enema. Congrats to Tom, John, Riley, Zack, and Gunnar on their first Tough Mudder! Hopefully a few of those bruises will fade before Dallas Comic-con next weekend!