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The State of my Sewing Room

Moving with 4 kids is a trial to say the least! I've gotten a lot of the house unpacked (or at least usable) but my sewing room/office is sadly neglected. I've had a few evenings here or there to work on it, but it is slow going and low priority. I am dying to get back to sewing, and not just because I am behind on baby quilts. There have been 2 new babies born among my cousins in the past two months!  I don't want my desk against the wall. Also I hate the color of the walls. Also I hate the tiny window that looks out at the driveway. I miss my beautiful view of the giant oak tree at the old house. -_- My helpers are the worst. I'm not kidding!  Also we have too many books. And too much stuff.  I have to get with Gunnar and we have to make some real choices!