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Sailor Moon Toddler Tutu & Costume

Rosemary as Sailor Moon!!!! 😍😍😍 So originally I was going to just make a cute tutu for her because I have been so busy this fall, but the more I started making the more excited and extra I got, and I couldn't stop and before I knew it I had made this extremely intricate and accurate Sailor Moon costume for my 2 year old who doesn't even know who Sailor Moon is. I mean, I showed her the intro song from the old Sailor Moon R series and she loved that, but she's still in the Sesame Street and Daniel Tiger viewing age...but I'm glad I did it! It reminds me how much I miss making legit cosplays and costumes and stuff. Someday, someday. My kids won't always have me at a -14.  The outfit is made from a plain white gerber onesie with the sailor collar (blue broadcloth and white ribbon) sewed only onto the back edge. In the front it velcroes together and onto the onesie. This is because toddler heads are really big and I wouldn't be able to ge

Sailor Jupiter's School Uniform Doll Outfit

Ya'll...I am so behind on posting! I meant this to go up a month ago! And I haven't finished writing up any of the Halloween Costumes! And I also haven't finished writing my October watching/reading/playing post! And I have three baby quilts and some renfair stuff to finish this month! I'm also working on a video that John and I made! I'm excited, but definitely a little swamped right now!  So anyway.... I'm a big Sailor Moon fan and I have been since I was a little girl! My first exposure to it was actually the Manga, which I saw at a local Austin Comic Book Shop when accompanying my dad and uncle on their monthly comics and cards shopping trips. It was hanging in on a rack beside our usual Ninja Turtles and Duck Tales reads, but it had GIRL super heroes with long hair and cute dresses! I bought it and was hooked, and when the show aired in the late 90's in the U.S., I ate that up too! I even made a Sailor Jupiter outfit for myself back in college wi