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Youtube Spotlight: Tula Pink

First of all, and not sponsored, but I love ordering fabric from the Fat Quarter Shop. They ship really fast (usually) and have a great selection of stuff nicely organized and easy to search. Second of all, I hadn't ever heard of Tula Pink as a fabric maker, but I have actually been using her brand of cool scissors for a few years now and I love them. Thirdly in a time when I really really miss my friends, her humor and practicality about sewing were a bright LOL amidst the homeschooling, isolation, and endless chores. More on that later. And finally, if you wanted a quick and dirty lesson on English Paper piecing the fast way, just watch! Actually, I do it the slow way with thread basting, but I would consider her glue method for future projects. And also, I sew like five stitches per inch, not 15. Because I'm not crazy! So, enjoy!


Like all the other crafters and seamstresses in the world, I've been using my fabric stash and sewing skills to outfit those around me with cotton face masks. So far I've made about 15...its slow going what with Gunnar still working full time, trying to homeschool two kids, and also taking care of my usual chores, a potty-training toddler, and an infant.  Also, sewing is one of the only coping mechanisms I have left  (no karate, no mom's night out, no church, no shopping, no friend visits or craft nights or date nights...ya'll know.) so I still do spend some of my sewing time working on other things. I'm sooooo close to finishing Aidan's baby quilt!  The stress of this time is so strange. I'm a homebody and I love to be home most of the time, but there is a difference between choosing to stay home and being forced to stay home. 

Doll Easter Dress

For my niece's birthday I made some doll clothes for her American Girl Doll! I made three outfits total, but the only  "new" one was this cute Easter outfit. The pattern is 1930's ruffled play dress   from Pixie Faire and the fabric is a bunny print fat quarter that I had lying around from some bundle I bought years ago.The pattern was very simple and straightforward, and it only took a few hours to make the whole outfit. I put my own twist on the pattern, forgoing the bias trim on the skirt and getting rid of the pointy collar. I also added a bow in the back and lowered the belt to trim the skirt instead. And I made a cute elastic hairband to match! It's just a tube of fabric with some elastic looped between the ends, but I like how it looks so much I will probably make more out of scraps to match future doll outfits! 

Dinosaur Baby Quilts

This week I finished these adorable baby quilts for my friend's twin baby boys! I love how they turned out and honestly I'm a little jealous that Miles' dinosaur quilt didn't turn out this good! The backs are both orange minky. The bindings are satin blanket binding...the blue quilt also has a stripe of white because...I ran out of blue and couldn't go to the fabric store because of the pandemic.  The fabric is the "Roarsome" collection by Camelot Fabrics that I bought off on etsy, and I went with a simple-ish half square triangle design, emphasizing green on one quilt and blue on the other so that they looked different enough but still matchy, which was the maximum fun for twin quilts of course. Miles testing out the quilt!