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Texas Renaissance Festival 2012

 Check out that awesome hand-tooled breatsplate! Also, I bought a Robin Hood hat because I've been wanting one for years!

The Cutest Spike You Will Ever See

This costume took me 14 hours to make! I used cotton flannel in purple and mottled green, and drafted my own pattern based on 12 month sized pajamas. (It was actually too small around the thighs at first so I had to add a crotch panel.) The tail and head crest are stuffed with polyfill. It closes with a zipper which runs up the right side seam and curves to the collar. The hood is attached. Whew! Jack was such a good sport and wore it ALL DAY at the convention with no problems. I'm glad that I decided on flannel because it wasn't too hot like fleece would have been but it wasn't too thin and flimsy like a cotton print might have been. I've already washed it three times and it's holding up great! I will try to upload a pattern or basic sketch of how I made it in the future. Let me know if you want it!

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Cosplay Group

Here's the best group shot of everyone!! Left to right is Gunnar as a Diamond Dog, Jack as Spike, Angela as Rarity, Nicole as Rainbow Dash, Tiffany as Pinkie Pie, and Zach as Discord WE ROCK!!!! Details on individual costumes to come!

More Tough Mudders

Wohoo! Last weekend the Fire Ferrets ran the Tough Mudder, completing 21 of 22 obstacles on the 12 mile course. (They all fell off of the Funky Monkey.) This pic was taken by Tiffany after the first obstacle, right before the Arctic Enema. Congrats to Tom, John, Riley, Zack, and Gunnar on their first Tough Mudder! Hopefully a few of those bruises will fade before Dallas Comic-con next weekend!


Wohoo! Just got our prereg tickets for Dallas Comicon! Now to get working on those costumes! For the baby (he'll be 9 months at the con) I have to decide between Nyan-cat or Baby Dragon Spike! I'm kinda sorta commuted to do a Rarity cosplay anyway...

San Japan

So this weekend my friends came down to visit me in San Antonio and we all went to San Japan! It was my first time at SJ and I was really impressed with how clean and classy it was as a whole, and how nice all of the costumes were. It was also a GREAT space that didn't feel crowded at all. Friday night Alli and Amy came down from Austin and we stayed up ALL night making their costumes. They were the pony princesses Celestia and Luna. For Amy's outfit we draped black satin over a dark blue dress and tied it with a silver obi from Japan. Alli's dress was draped and sewn by me out of white jersey and poly-satin, with gold ribbon trim and then I tied an obi around the waist. Alli made the headresses and tails out of strips of tulle. Amy's crown is craft foam and the wings are craft felt and floral wire (More on that later). We ran out of time so they don't have ears or horns and Alli doesn't have a crown, but that should be fixed before Brony-con in Austin n

Costume Sketch for Steampunk Sailor Jupiter

This is my initial sketch for my Steampunk Sailor Jupiter costume. However, since I am ONLY using fabric from my stash, I may have to get a little bit flexible. So far I've worked on...the undershirt. And I plan on wearing this on Saturday. LOL.  

Initial Sketch for Astronomer's Vest

For anyone who is interested, this is the initial sketch I made when I took John's measurements (in pencil) and then the red scribbles are the notes I made as I was drafting and constructing it. F

Made this:

For John's Astronomer character for his LARP this week in Kansas. The undershirt is my trusty Butterick 4486 which I LOVE, using a nice gray linen. The doubletish thing is based on The Renaissance Tailor 's drafting instructions and the ruffle (detachable, faux velvet with brass buttons) is also from Butterick 4486. It's not really tied to any true historical period, but I thought it looked kind of astronomerly. John still has to rivet on some closures for the doublet and I fully intend to eventually splatter some gold flecks for "stars" onto the ruffle, but I only had a week to do all of this and it takes a lot longer to sew stuff with a baby around. (Who knew, right?) Now I'm jumping right back into the sewing to whip something up for ME to wear to San Japan next weekend. Yay!

This is Awesome

My friend just showed me this and I HAVE to share... You can actually look up and order tartan fabric for a kilt! Never mind that I am not Scottish (Though my mom was a Mahoney) it is still totally awesome. Also Never mind that it's totally out of my budget to pay $400 for a custom "O'Mahoney" kilt, but still. Awesome.

A-Kon 23 Overview

Me and Josh at the satellite info desk. Jack was asleep in his stroller behind me! Gunnar rolled a 20 Me and Charles at the main info desk. Aaron doing a demo at the leatherworking panel The whole gang at dinner Saturday night. Gunnar and Jack!

Larping and upcoming conventions

John here, and I've been working on more LARP stuff. Our Heroic Austin chapter is doing well, we had some journalists attend our last event, and featured me in an article. A Local Fantasy: Larping in Austin . Diana, Nick and I have been making the Aftermath events recently, and I've got the beginnings for a cool leather NERF holster guide ready to go soon. There's lots of stuff to do before Akon, when I'm hosting a panel on Advanced Leather Techniques, Sunday from 2:30 to 4:00, so look for all of us there. Here's the beginning of a leather cuirass I'm working on for my own Heroic character:

Texas Renaissance Festival Costumes 2011

My new costume!   Me and John with the owl from the birds of prey show!  Quick Costume Overview:  Since I was 6 months pregnant at the time of Halloween/Renfair, NOTHING in my costume closet fit me and I had to basically start from scratch...darn! Underdress : White cotton twill with drawstring neck and sleeves, and underarm gussets. I should be able to wear this again when I'm not pregnant! Vest : Fully lined sparkly poly satin, laced up the front with ribbon through metal grommets. It's not boned, because I was going for comfort over...well, everything! Skirt : Beautiful red organza petals sewn into an apron-style waistband which I tied in a bow in the front. I'll have to post a tutorial on how I did that skirt because it turned out amazing and was really fun to wear.  Wings : I used this tutorial to make the shimmery cellophane wings! It was a bit time consuming, but they turned out great! Other : I bought the crown at the fa

Ikkicon VI Panel

Thanks to everyone who joined us at the Ikkicon VI HEROIC Larping Panel! Sorry we didn't post about it much in advance...the con originally told us we wouldn't be needed, but then a week before changed their minds and invited us to come play! The gang! Diana, John, Tom, Nick, and Me! (Yes, I'm 8.5 months pregnant in that picture).   First group of players!    Tom and Nick as Goblins. Players shall not pass! The players also had to get past some spiders. Second group of players The last group had to solve a sudoku puzzle to open the chest--they ended up just carrying the chest away. Whatever works!