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Mid Year Goals Update

1. Be Black Belt Readya. Run a 10 minute Mile
In January I ran a 12 minute mile as my starting point and was working on my fitness okayish, but once quarantine started I was slacking, feeling pretty down about homeschool and missing my regular activities. Well, a few weeks ago I got sick of doing nothing started back up on my couch to 10k program and running every day. Then John and I time a mile again and it was....10 min 32 seconds!!!! So I am making significant progress with this one! 
b. Pass my Red III belt test My martial arts school is currently closed during the this has still not happened. 
c. Memorize all my advanced set combinations Again with the quarantine, I haven't had the chance to practice these. I should probably email my instructor and see if he can email me the combos so I can work on memorizing them.

d. Get to a healthier weight through healthy eating and exercise I've had good luck with myfitnesspal in the past, but I hate it. Eating makes m…


My kids came home for spring break the second week of March and never went back to school. We thought it was going to be for a few weeks, maybe a month...but now it's summer and we have no idea what the new school year will look like.

I'm not going to lie: home school was terrible. I never wanted to be a teacher, and when I did sub, I avoided elementary (and especially kinder!) like the plague...ooh, that analogy is very topical, huh? 
The district threw together an at-home-learning program the best that they could, but it was not great. There were standardized activities for every student in every grade at every school, leaving very little customization for teachers to add in, but at the same time creating a lot of work for the teachers trying to set up those mandatory activities in a way that their students could understand. Some of the activities were really hard, some were really easy, and many of them seemed like busywork. In other words, very little real learning happen…

Tie Dye

About a century ago, I bought a bunch of stuff for tie dye...

James was bad that his had too much white on it and I accidentally had a hole in my glove and my thumb was totally purple for like three days!  It was fun and the shirts turned out cute. I even did one for me, Gunnar, and Miles and we plan to have a family tie-dye photoshoot one of these days!