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The Witcher Books Review (Spoiler Free)

I started reading The Witcher books by Andrzej Sapkowski back in February, and last night I finally finished the last one! Overall I really enjoyed them. Lots of fantasy and adventure, lots of fun twists on traditional fantasy tropes, and absolutely excellent writing. They are definitely more literary than a lot of current genre fantasy, which made me love them even more. The gore is more intense than say Wheel of Time but less frequent than in any of the Game of Thrones books and usually serves a specific purpose so it doesn't feel gratuitous. It is definitely a series for mature readers. I probably wouldn't let my kids read them until they were in their upper teens like 16 or older. (Watch me look back at this review when Jack is 15 and asking to read them LOL.) I'd give these an 9/10 as a whole work and I would definitely reread them. I also hope that they make lots and lots and lots of seasons of the Netflix show so that I can see some of these amazing adventures come

Jack's Twin Sized Stars Quilt

A loooong time ago I made my very first baby quilt . It was for Jack, and it was space themed. I bought a whole bunch of the same fabric from Joann's and used it for his quilt, boppy cover, curtain, and crib skirt. It was my first time decorating a nursery, my first time making a "real" quilt, and my first baby. (Even though I didn't finish it until he was almost 2!) And now that first baby is 8 years old and wears the same size shoe as me! When I asked him what kind of quilt he wanted for his upgraded, twin-sized quilt, he said he wanted another star-themed quilt. I knew I wanted to do pinwheels and that I wanted black to be a prominent color, and I searched long and hard for some good space-themed fabric that wouldn't look too babyish for my big kid and ended up using 2 packs of Windham Fabrics "Out of this World" fat eighths plus 2 yards of the black with stars for the sashing and one yard for the binding. I also documented how I made each pinw

Quarantine Chic Toddler Summer Dress

It's a weird world when you think it's cute to make a matching mask for your little girl's summer dress...but it is cute! I drafted this pattern based on one of her 2T dresses...though drafting is honestly a strong word. It was more like improvising...I think changed the length of those ruffles four times before I finally sewed them down! But it turned out cute, and I indeed had enough fabric leftover to make a cute lil matching mask for her, which she loves even though she doesn't really go anywhere.  The fabric is by Dear Stella designs and I bought it on Etsy. (I am obsessed with Dear Stella Designs right now!) Honestly, I've been buying most of my fabric on Etsy lately because the shipping delays at places like Fat Quarter Shop are just insane. They just now shipped an order that I placed in early June. I get why and I'm not mad, but it is making me like Etsy more right now. Also, another strange side effect of this quarantine thing...I didn'