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Downton Abbey Fabric Chevron Baby Quilt

I bought too many jelly rolls from The Fat Quarter Shop on black Friday one year so when my sister-in-law was pregnant, I presented them to her and let her pick which one she wanted for my niece's baby quilt. She chose a beautiful Downton Abbey roll (I think this one is Lady Rose?) so I set to work! I'd saved this tutorial from Sew Very Easy a long time ago with the hopes of using it for a baby quilt, and the fabric Diana picked went perfect with it! It was difficult, I'm not going to lie. And the quilting I chose to do, zig-zagging along each row, was also time consuming and difficult. I did a border of white and a border of scraps from the jelly roll, then backed it in purple minky and added a coral satin blanky binding.

Angela's High School T-Shirt Quilt

This quilt has been an embarrassingly long time in the making. I graduated from high school in 2005 and lugged around a box of t-shirts for more than ten years before finally finishing this! I did try to start on it (and cut down on my clutter) back in 2009 or so by cutting out the fronts and backs of all the t-shirts into 12x12 squares....and that was a terrible decision! I didn't immediately apply interfacing to the backs when I went back to work on this project, the edges of the t-shirt had curled up and were impossible to work with, so I had to trim them all down to 11.5x11.5. It was very frustrating! And since I'm now trying to tackle my box of college t-shirts and having the same problem with the curling edges, I again will remind you: INTERFACE THE T-SHIRTS AS SOON AS YOU CUT THEM.It's annoying because it takes a TON of interfacing and it can get expensive, but it's definitely a must. The basics are cut out your design, iron it onto some lightweight inter

Toddler Renfair Dress

This isn't my best work, I'll admit. I was on a time crunch and committed to using things only from my fabric stash. The thing that saves this dress is that my niece is wearing and it and she makes everything look adorable. Too adorable not to post. It is two pieces, the white under-dress and the lacy blue over-dress. I think I might be able to make something more authentic (or even just more on-theme, because I'm no SCA member over here) for the next girl who is big enough to wear this dress using this as a jumping off point. But it did use up some of my stash, it was comfy and cute for my niece to wear, and I can always improve it. I drafted the pattern myself and got to practice making small person sized outfits. The back of the over-dress ties in the back with a white ribbon. Maybe I should add laces? That's my son  Jack in the background wearing a borrowed cloak and a robin hood hat as a makeshift costume. I was pregnant at the time, that's my ex