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Hussif Making!

All the "costubers" or historical costume youtubers have been raving about this pattern for a "hussif" or "housewife" aka mini sewing kit! I needed a gift for my mom's group secret Santa and I wanted something quick and rewarding to sew, so I picked through my leftover fabric from Alli's Stargazer Quilt and made this little kit for my Secret Santa! I also went to the fabric store and grabbed a seam ripper, some little snips, and a few bobbins of thread, then filled in the kit with some of my own spare needles, clips, and safety pins. 

Happily, my friend loved it! And so did I! So I made another one! This time I used fabric from my own Stargazer quilt leftovers, which turned out beautiful but is a little bit annoying when I have it on my lap while I'm cuddled under my Stargazer quilt which...has been a lot lately since it's been so cold here in Central Texas lately! 

Overall I love mine! It's been nice to have while I listen to audiobooks in bed, or to tuck into the diaper bag before we head to the park in case we have down time (not likely because Miles constantly heads towards the street to see the cars, and James is usually perched way up high on something he wasn't supposed to climb.)