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Halloween Lethargy

     I had a lot of trouble early this month getting motivated for Halloween, and costume-making in general. Usually I'm bugging my kids by October 1st to get them to tell me what they want to be, and I strategically plan my trips to the fabric store to align with coupons and when the cutting line won't be too terribly long. Since I don't really cosplay anymore, Halloween is my chance to endulge in my inner cosplayer and shine! Last year I went a little crazy getting all the details right on Rosemary's Sailor Moon costume

This year though... I could barely get my box of decorations out, and finally did about a week into October. I tried for weeks to plan each kid's costume, I avoided the fabric store, and I instead threw myself into hand-sewing my Catan hexies and fanfiction writing. I think it's jut the general mood of "everything is canceled" and "why bother" and "no one will see these anyway." However, I've slowly been ramping up my costume-making and letting myself get lost in the details, and as I do, I find that my enjoyment of the process of making costumes has also ramped up. It's not the same, exactly, but on the plus side, the lack of my other usual social activities means I have more time to work on all these things. What might usually be a panicky "only two more weeks!" attitude at this point in October is more like a "Yeah two weeks that's cool," sort of feeling. 

Anyway. Jack decided he wanted to be Aang from Avatar the Last Airbender, so I'm making him a costume from scratch. I already made the cape and pants and bought him a bald cap, but I still need to make the shirt and get some blue body paint for the arrows. I'm putting a lot of effort into this one, actually, with the hopes that in a few years I can convince James to wear this one and I can make a Sokka outfit for Jack. (And Katara for Rosemary? If she would go for it!)

James wants to be The Wither from Minecraft, and...yesterday I made the basic three-headed top part and it's a literal monster. It's HUGE! I don't think he'll be able to fit through the front door without turning sideways. Oops. Haha. 

Rosemary wants to be Dashi from Octonauts which will be ADORABLE and is pretty easy. I have to make an Octonaut Hat and collar, but she already has a pink skirt she can wear with it. 

For Miles...I think I'm going to break out Jack's old Hobbit costume that I made ages ago! I think he's the right size and it will be SO CUTE. 

So even if everything is cancelled, we will still dress up and have fun and play Halloween games with our neighbors and eat way too much candy! 

Also, we've taken the staying-home part of this month and used it to catch the kids up on some great classic Halloween movies! So far they've watched Hocus Pocus, Labyrinth, and Kiki's Delivery Service. So much fun! 

He can't see out of it...oops LOL