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Youtube Spotlight + Nanowrimo Prep!!

 I have decided, after having an incredible amount of fun writing a 53K word fanfiction last month, to go ahead and try Nanowrimo again! I have participated 9 times and won 5 times, and I'm even quoted in the official "No Plot No Problem" guidebook that they published. It is time to try again!

Nano divides people into two distinct camps: Pantsers and Planners depending on what how you like your month to go. Pantsers write by-the-seat-of-their-pants and have a TON of fun. I've done this before and it can be incredibly relaxing to sit down at your computer and just let it all out. novels at the end of my panster months are pretty much an incoherent jumbled mess. I've done Planner novels before and while they aren't quite as much in-the-moment fun, they do come out as more novel-ish. And since I did an incoherent mess of a fanfic last month, I'm going to Plan my way to a Novel for Nano! 

In preparation I am: 

1. Watching some of my favorite inspirational movies (or just the best clips of them on Youtube)

2. Brainstorming

3. Brushing up on writing craft notes/videos

4. Outlining

Which brings me to my youtube spotlight! If you've been reading my watching/reading/playing posts like...ever, you know I love me some Brandon Sanderson novels. As it happens, he teaches a writing course at BYU, and this year, he recorded all of his lectures and posted them on youtube!! I have watched 11 so far and they are AWESOME. He is a very engaging speaker, and as a sci-fi and fantasy novelist, he speaks my language. He uses examples ranging from Star Wars and Lord of the Rings to Dresden Files and Wheel of Time, and of course his own Cosmere. I'm really enjoying these lectures and I think anyone interested in writing sci-fi and fantasy could benefit from watching them!