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Sailor Moon Toddler Tutu & Costume

Rosemary as Sailor Moon!!!! 😍😍😍

So originally I was going to just make a cute tutu for her because I have been so busy this fall, but the more I started making the more excited and extra I got, and I couldn't stop and before I knew it I had made this extremely intricate and accurate Sailor Moon costume for my 2 year old who doesn't even know who Sailor Moon is. I mean, I showed her the intro song from the old Sailor Moon R series and she loved that, but she's still in the Sesame Street and Daniel Tiger viewing age...but I'm glad I did it! It reminds me how much I miss making legit cosplays and costumes and stuff. Someday, someday. My kids won't always have me at a -14. 

The outfit is made from a plain white gerber onesie with the sailor collar (blue broadcloth and white ribbon) sewed only onto the back edge. In the front it velcroes together and onto the onesie. This is because toddler heads are really big and I wouldn't be able to get the collar over her noggin if it didn't come apart. (I tried, haha!) The bow is sewn onto one half of the collar and is the ends of each bow are held onto the collar with a snap so it doesn't shift around. 

The Tutu is made from 4 layers of shiny blue tulle gatherd and gathered and gathered and then sewn into a stretchy white waistband to fit her measurements. The bow on the back is made from cheap red satin and is secured to the tutu.

 Broach: John 3-D printed this broach for me and I painted it and sealed it with modge podge, hot-glued fake gemstones onto it, and then hot glued a pin onto the back. 

Hair Wings: I penciled and then cut out three little "wings" out of craft foam and hot glued them onto small metal snap barrettes. 

Tiara: I penciled and cut out a toddler sized tiara from craft foam, painted it gold, and then added the fake gemstone. To get it to stay on her head, I used spirit gum, which is used in theater to glue prosthetics, wigs, and fake hair onto faces and bodies. It is very safe and removes easily with a little spirit gum remover. She didn't try and pick it off either night that she wore the tiara! 

Choker: Is a strip of red satin with velcro in the back and gold-painted moon-jewel hot glued to the front. She also tolderated wearing this all night both nights! I was surprised! 

Bun Ornaments: These are two big red buttons hot glued onto circles of white craft foam and then hot glued onto alligator hair clips. These were the most precarious accessories and ended up in my pocket after only an hour or so of running around. Probably someone with thicker/coarser hair wouldn't have a problem getting these to stay! 

"Boots:" I ordered some red knee-high socks for her off of Amazon, removed the red bow, and sewed some white jersey knit to the top edge. Then I hot glued a painted moon gem to the front center of each. These were great for warmth and even fit nicely over some leggings on Halloween night when it was cold out. They were comfortable and allowed her to wear her regular toddler sneakers. A huge win and I'm proud of myself for thinking this up! 

Overall I am so happy with how this turned out! She was so adorable I could barely stand it. I want to make a matching Sailor Mercury Costume for Saoirse to double up on the cuteness, but I don't know when I will have time Auuugggh!  But seriously, these girls. They are cousins, four months apart, and absolutely best friends already. I love it!!