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Another Patchwork Heart Wall Hanging

I made this much like my other quilted heart wall hanging, to go with Alli's Stargazer Quilt. It was much easier this time, and I quilted her name into it on the heart too! My lines of quilting are a little bit wonkier than I'd like, but from the front it still looks nice. I hope she can find a place for it in her beautiful new house! As soon as the pandemic is over I'm planning on having some craft-night sleepovers again. 

Back before kids, I used to go over to her apartment with out friends pretty much every week for writing, drawing, sewing, and games. In the past few years we would still have the occasional craft night, but between babies and her roommates it was tough!  I miss doing those things! I mean, I miss a lot of things about life before quarantine, but craft nights and Mom's Nights In with the ladies at my church and Martial Arts Class are the biggest three now that my kids are back at school in-person. Someday, right?



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