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San Japan

So this weekend my friends came down to visit me in San Antonio and we all went to San Japan! It was my first time at SJ and I was really impressed with how clean and classy it was as a whole, and how nice all of the costumes were. It was also a GREAT space that didn't feel crowded at all.

Friday night Alli and Amy came down from Austin and we stayed up ALL night making their costumes. They were the pony princesses Celestia and Luna.

For Amy's outfit we draped black satin over a dark blue dress and tied it with a silver obi from Japan. Alli's dress was draped and sewn by me out of white jersey and poly-satin, with gold ribbon trim and then I tied an obi around the waist. Alli made the headresses and tails out of strips of tulle. Amy's crown is craft foam and the wings are craft felt and floral wire (More on that later). We ran out of time so they don't have ears or horns and Alli doesn't have a crown, but that should be fixed before Brony-con in Austin next month.

Saturday Tiffany came down from Tyler and the four of us spent the day at the con while Gunnar watched the baby.

Amy, Pinkie Pie, and Alli.

Me and Toph. My outfit came out more or less how I wanted, but is nowhere "steampunk" enough!

In the streets of San Antonio

Me and Tiffany.

Overall it was tons of fun. Now to catch up on some sleep! I'll post detail photos of my costume and more about the pony wings later.