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Made this:

For John's Astronomer character for his LARP this week in Kansas. The undershirt is my trusty Butterick 4486 which I LOVE, using a nice gray linen. The doubletish thing is based on The Renaissance Tailor's drafting instructions and the ruffle (detachable, faux velvet with brass buttons) is also from Butterick 4486. It's not really tied to any true historical period, but I thought it looked kind of astronomerly.

John still has to rivet on some closures for the doublet and I fully intend to eventually splatter some gold flecks for "stars" onto the ruffle, but I only had a week to do all of this and it takes a lot longer to sew stuff with a baby around. (Who knew, right?)

Now I'm jumping right back into the sewing to whip something up for ME to wear to San Japan next weekend. Yay!