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The Cutest Spike You Will Ever See

This costume took me 14 hours to make! I used cotton flannel in purple and mottled green, and drafted my own pattern based on 12 month sized pajamas. (It was actually too small around the thighs at first so I had to add a crotch panel.) The tail and head crest are stuffed with polyfill. It closes with a zipper which runs up the right side seam and curves to the collar. The hood is attached.

Whew! Jack was such a good sport and wore it ALL DAY at the convention with no problems. I'm glad that I decided on flannel because it wasn't too hot like fleece would have been but it wasn't too thin and flimsy like a cotton print might have been. I've already washed it three times and it's holding up great!

I will try to upload a pattern or basic sketch of how I made it in the future. Let me know if you want it!


  1. A bit late, sorry , but

    Cathy Weseluck ‏(Voice actress of spike)
    Amaaaazzzing job! And WHAT a cutie!! ;)) Thanks for sharing and give that Sweetie a Hug for me! (And one from Spike too!). :)


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