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Merry Christmas!

 Hello and I hope you all had a good holiday! 

We did our family pictures at home this year in front of our tree wearing matching Star Wars Pajamas! I've never done the matching pajama thing before in our family but I figured we have to do it when they are young enough not to protest! I think it turned out very nice! 

Of course, it took us a while to get to that pictures. We moved some furniture and set up a bunch of lights so the kids were running around like wildebeests. Rosemary cried because she wanted to be the only one in the pictures, and Miles got really tired of posing really quickly. My dad was even helping out a bit trying to get everyone to smile and least we got one good picture, right? 

This year has been difficult, but this Christmas has been loads of chaotic fun and joy! We've been very blessed and are enjoying our house full of toys, leftover ham, and lots of cookies. Merry Christmas!