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Youtube Spotlight: Tula Pink

First of all, and not sponsored, but I love ordering fabric from the Fat Quarter Shop. They ship really fast (usually) and have a great selection of stuff nicely organized and easy to search.

Second of all, I hadn't ever heard of Tula Pink as a fabric maker, but I have actually been using her brand of cool scissors for a few years now and I love them.

Thirdly in a time when I really really miss my friends, her humor and practicality about sewing were a bright LOL amidst the homeschooling, isolation, and endless chores. More on that later.

And finally, if you wanted a quick and dirty lesson on English Paper piecing the fast way, just watch! Actually, I do it the slow way with thread basting, but I would consider her glue method for future projects. And also, I sew like five stitches per inch, not 15. Because I'm not crazy!

So, enjoy!