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Like all the other crafters and seamstresses in the world, I've been using my fabric stash and sewing skills to outfit those around me with cotton face masks. So far I've made about 15...its slow going what with Gunnar still working full time, trying to homeschool two kids, and also taking care of my usual chores, a potty-training toddler, and an infant. 

Also, sewing is one of the only coping mechanisms I have left  (no karate, no mom's night out, no church, no shopping, no friend visits or craft nights or date nights...ya'll know.) so I still do spend some of my sewing time working on other things. I'm sooooo close to finishing Aidan's baby quilt! 

The stress of this time is so strange. I'm a homebody and I love to be home most of the time, but there is a difference between choosing to stay home and being forced to stay home. 


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