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Doll Easter Dress

For my niece's birthday I made some doll clothes for her American Girl Doll! I made three outfits total, but the only  "new" one was this cute Easter outfit. The pattern is 1930's ruffled play dress  from Pixie Faire and the fabric is a bunny print fat quarter that I had lying around from some bundle I bought years ago.The pattern was very simple and straightforward, and it only took a few hours to make the whole outfit.

I put my own twist on the pattern, forgoing the bias trim on the skirt and getting rid of the pointy collar. I also added a bow in the back and lowered the belt to trim the skirt instead.

And I made a cute elastic hairband to match! It's just a tube of fabric with some elastic looped between the ends, but I like how it looks so much I will probably make more out of scraps to match future doll outfits!