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Quick Dog Man Costume

Our Elementary school has a yearly "Book Character Dress Up Day" that my boys LOVE to participate in...which means I have another excuse to get crafty and do some simple costumes! They have both been really into the "Dog Man" graphic novels, and so I offered to make a Dog Man outfit for James! Jack, predictably, wanted to be Calvin (again).  

I was proud that I did't have to buy a single thing for this outfit! I had some blue fleece is my closet from Jack's shark costume and some yellow from a never-made idea to have the boys be Finn and Jake from Adventure Time. 

For the hat I used some heavyweight iron-on interfacing to give it structure, and attached the floppy yellow dog-ears to each side. The badge is just zig-zagged onto the front. There's no lining or anything fancy. 

The shirt is a Minecraft shirt that was the right color. I turned it inside out and basted the badge onto the front with a long running stitch so that I could easily remove it and he could have his Minecraft shirt back afterwards lol. I did put interfacing on the back of this too because the fleece is kind of stretchy and I wanted to be able to sew it on quickly and easily. If I were making this again I'd buy a new blue shirt and machine zig-zag or hand blanket stitch the badge onto the front. 

The final touch was some leftover Halloween Make-up for the spots, nose, and neck stitches. (Dog Man is a police officer who had his K-9 partner's head transplanted onto his's weird and little boys find it hilarious).