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Dinosaur Baby Quilt

Finished! With a week to spare, I got new baby's dinosaur quilt done. The main fabric is a pack of fat eighths called "Hear me Roar" by Studio E Fabrics which I ordered off of etsy...I meant to buy a fat quarters pack and accidentally got fat eighths...the first of many mistakes! The border fabric is just some quilting cotton from Joann's. I try not to use quilting cotton from Joann's because I have found that they fades A LOT after years of use and hundreds of washings compared to more expensive brands. But sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do! Once I have some fabric in hand, it's hard to find good color matches online rather than in person, plus I didn't really have time to wait for shipping. Technically this baby can decide to come whenever he feels like it at this point! 

I had many problems while I was making this quilt, and even though I'm overall happy with how it turned out, I'm still not ecstatic about it. It's not my favorite quilt I've ever made. It was supposed to be a "bargello" style baby quilt based on this tutorial but I didn't have the same amount of materials, and it wasn't super instructive...I think they wanted me to buy the pattern, but I didn't want to. Laziness? Cheapskateness? Hatred of patterns? All of the above?

The quilting on the back is super wobbly...but it's hard to tell, so I guess it's okay. Probably shouldn't have been trying to quilt this at midnight while watching T.V. oops. I was just desperate to get it finished finally! The binding is satin blanket binding that I ALSO messed up a few times when sewing this on, which is why it is thin instead of thick likc all my other quilts with satin binding. I hand-stitched it down on the front.

BUT I powered through, completed the quilt, and most importantly...made it for my baby with love in my heart!