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New Catan Pillow!

New Pillow
Old Pillow

So this isn't exactly a Catan Quilt update, but it is definitely related! (I made this about a month ago, before I had Miles!)

As mentioned previously, I once, many many years ago, made a Catan pillow for my couch. I used scraps, had zero knowledge of how to sew hexagons or quilt anything at all, and was very literal in my interpretation of the game board! Over the years this pillow has been used and abused and well loved, but after being barfed on (and washed!) one too many times, it was finally time to throw it away. 

So, being allllmost done with all the land hexes for my huge Catan quilt, I went ahead and stitched together an actual game-sized selection of hexes and quilted them onto some rejected mountain-hex fabric to make a new pillow! The back, like the previous pillow, has a pocket opening so that the cover can be washed and the inner pillow replaced as needed.

It's a small project and a small win, but I really needed that. This pregnancy was difficult and we've been crazy busy. It's also a great proof-of-concept for the big quilt--I think that the colors look great together and I can't wait to see the big quilt come together!