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Powering Through a Project and Hating It

I can admit that I'm not above abandoning projects.  I have plenty of "I'll go back and finish it someday" projects stacked up in my office closet right now, in fact! And occasionally when I get sick of looking at the huge stack, I go through and throw some away, repurpose the materials, or even, occasionally, finish them!

This baby quilt that I'm working on has almost been abandoned SO MANY TIMES in the past month it it is driving me crazy. I have two weeks until this new baby gets here though, and I am determined to finish it even if it turns out HIDEOUS--which I honestly can't decide if it is hideous or acceptable, and I change my mind about it pretty much five times a day. Can I blame that on hormones?

It doesn't help that I've been horribly sick with two different stomach viruses over the past two weeks which, which nine months pregnant, really really sucks. Luckily everything is okay with baby so far, but it doesn't make for much sewing or blogging.

This particular quilt is giving me problems for so many reasons.

1. I accidentally ordered a pack of fat eighths instead of fat quarters so I didn't have as much fabric to work with as I usually do.

2. I bought some coordinating solids to fill in the gaps and made so poor choices in color selection. (Why did I pick lime green? I HATE lime green!  Even if it matches the fabric! And grass green? I don't like grass green either. What is wrong with me??)

3. I was trying out a new technique (a video about a "bargello style" baby quilt") which was really hard for me to picture what the final quilt was going to look like.

4. Once I laid it out and saw what the final quilt was going to look like, it was HIDEOUS and I angsted over it for a bit, then finally decided I needed to seam rip and resew a bunch of fiddly little squares.

5. I dreaded the seam ripping and put it off and hated the quilt for a while. (Though when I finally did it, it wasn't so difficult or fiddly as I had feared)

6. The new layout had it's problems--being slightly ugly because of poor fabric choices and all. And also weirdly shaped. So I added a border which made it weirdly big.

7. I decided to quilt it late at night and my lines are so wobbly and weird and lumpy....I just added a ton of extra wobbly lines to disguise how weird the quilting is and I hope it looks okay.

So now I just have to sew on the binding and take some pictures of it in the next two weeks. I have powered through so far, and I will continue to power through. I keep telling myself that the new baby won't care if the quilting is wobbly and he might actually kind of like lime green, and it was made with love by his sick and 9 month pregnant mom and that's what really matters, right? It doesn't have to be a masterpiece, right? Right??