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Little Mermaid Doll Costume

Back in October, my friend Susan mentioned that her little girl was begging for a Little Mermaid doll costume to match her Little Mermaid Halloween costume. And it just so happened that I had all the materials on hand, so how could I resist? It was really fast to make and it turned out adorable!

 In fact, I had all the materials already because I had made a Little Mermaid costume for myself back in 2010, and when my parents cleaned out their house before they moved last year they dropped off a pile of my old costumes. So this was a chance to get rid of something I'm never going to wear again and make something for a sweet little girl. 

Me, in 2010. Before babies! The hair is a wig! 

The top is made from purple satin and has elastic along the bottom. It closes in the back with two small hook and eyes. 

The tail part is made from stretchy sequined material and green organza, with velcro closure in the back. I'm still not great with sewing stretchy to non-stretchy fabrics, so getting that trip on the top was challenging. I think it turned out good though! 

I was trying to make it look like she was swimming in this photo but I don't think it worked.