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2019 Goals


This year I'm having my 4th baby, so with a newborn in the house I'm trying to keep my expectations real. Like, survive until August when my two older boys will both be in elementary school all day! But I can't help but want to do all the things, anyway. So here's what I'm looking at: 

 1. Post on this blog once per week 
I did pretty good on this last year until that first trimester sickness really knocked me down and I'm proud of that! It's not that I didn't have things to post, I just couldn't get out of bed long enough to post them. This year I'll definitely need a hiatus around May 10, which is when #newbaby (Rosemary, at 19 months, is still "baby" yikes!) is scheduled to arrive, but maybe I can plan ahead and have John get some posts up around that time. 

In addition to that, I want to post more blogging style blogs, like this one. I have a degree in writing and I write all the time privately...but I feel like all of my posts on here are very straightforward and lack personality. I generally play it pretty safe on social media and post sparingly, and when I do post I'm usually hyper-embarrassed by whatever I posted later. But I'm going to try being bolder on here. 

2. Make this blog look pretty
 I have plans that include a gallery of quilts and costumes, an instagram feed, and a contacts form, and even a nice background. 

3. Make 6 quilts, including a quilt for #newbaby
I think 12 in a year is too much, but 6 sounds doable...right? I won't include doll quilts in this, unless it gets to December of next year and I'm feeling desperate. 

4. Sell SOMETHING on Etsy
Probably doll quilts. I have a NEED to use up all my scrap fabrics, and doll quilts are so satisfying and quick to make. I just have some major "not good enough" self-doubts that have kept me from selling anything before that I need to get over. 

I want to not care about how clean my house is, or now fancy my home-cooked meals are (except for my crock pot meals once per week, they are generally of the recently defrosted variety). I want to do things that make me happy, and enjoy time with my family and my babies. I'm coming up on my 10 year wedding anniversary (13 days after #newbaby comes!) and my oldest is turning 7 in a few weeks which seems IMPOSSIBLE. Life is a lot even without a bunch of goals!