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Zuko and Azula Costumes

Back in November, John and I went to Nebraskon in Omaha! I know...this is like the latest post about a con ever, but at least it got here, right? -_-

It was cool being dressed as brother and sister and actually, ya know, being brother and sister. I mean, we could have done Katara and Sokka, except that they are totally lame and can't shoot fire or lightning out of their fists.

There were a few awkward moments, however, when we happened upon some Azuko shippers. (Ew.)
"Oh-Em-Gee! Are you a couple?"
"No, he's my brother."
"Yeah, but in real life are you a couple?"
"Um no. In real life, he's my brother."
"Oh." (Awkward, disappointed silence.)

Looking surly.

Looking smug and EVIL.

With our handsome uncle.

These pics are by our dear friend Katherine! We also have professional photos on the main site by Shattered Images Photography, taken at Ikkicon, and two related tutorials:
1. Zuko's Scar Make-Up Tutorial and
2. Azula's Crown Sculpey Tutorial.

Yay Avatar: The Last Airbender! Also, is anyone else excited about Korra?