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Spring Break!!

John's super-cool-awesome friends came made the 12 hour road trip from
Lincoln Nebraska to Austin Texas with him for Spring Break!

From left to right: Judy, Diana, and Katherine.

THEN we all drove another four hours south to
the beach in Port Aransas!

At some restaurant in Port A.

The girls getting eaten by a shark.

We buried people in the sand. John was buried the deepest.
He's actually sitting in a hole, not laying down.

Skim boarding. We weren't very good at it. We looked up some tuts on youtube
at the hotel, but there was so much seaweed even a pro would have had trouble.

More costume stuff to soon as I can figure out how to convert the RAW photos my friend gave me into something I can use on my computer... I'll give another hint about the costume I made--it fits right in with my beach theme!