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Raving about Azula

So one of my favorite things about my Azula costume (Besides being able to make faces as if I am criminally insane power hungry maniac) is that I fully lined the velvet outer-dress and can wear it by itself for things like Convention Dances!!! Also note the glow-sticks around my neck, for added awesomeness:

I look way thinner without the hundred under-garmets.

Princess seamed Dress
Detail of the belt and Sculpey Fire Nation Emblem

The back, which has a zipper:

I wore biker shorts underneath because otherwise people would see my undies.

Bonus Making-Of Pictures

Mock-up pattern pieces
(based on an old dress I once tried to make and never finished)

Trying on the mock-up so I could figure out
how high the slits should go and the angle of the skirt.