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Stargazer Friendship Quilt

I finished the last of my three Stargazer Quilts that I had planned! This one is for my dear friend Collen, and I use a bunch of batiks, mostly from Lunn Fabrics on etsy, in shades of dark green, dark blue, and golden yellow. After doing two of these, you would think that I'd be a pro at these by now, but somehow I still managed to mess up a few things! Luckily they were easily fixed with some piecing, but still frustrating! Overall, it went together pretty smoothly and I love how it turned out! And more importantly, so did Colleen! <3

The back is dark green cuddle minky, which I used on my purple Stargazer as well (and I wish I had used minky on Alli's too) to make it extra cozy. the quilting is free-motion in the stars and wavy lines from end to end on the rest. I did it all, as usual, on my Singer CG 550 home sewing machine.

Toddler for scale

My kids were all sad that I was giving it away! 


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