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Doll Sleeping Bag and Duffel

 Sometimes when I get stressed--like when there was a winter storm hitting Central Texas and the roads were impassible, electricity and water are on the fritz, and we were worried that our pipes could burst at any time even though we are doing every possible thing to prevent that--I like to make quick, simple, pointless projects. Like doll clothes and accessories! Fortunately, we never actually lost power or heat, and our pipes were okay, but it it was iffy there for a while. Gunnar did have to drive some on the icy roads (He is an essential worker) which was scary, but thankfully he was fine. 

Such was it that I made these: 

A doll-sized sleeping bag and matching duffel! These were made from a free nylon rucksack style bag that I threw in my fabric stash with the idea of making a doll raincoat or tent or something. (And I still have an orange one to mess around with as well.) It is quilted with two layers of scrap batting and leftover cotton from masks, and has a very nice zipper along the edge so that when it is unzipped it can lay flat like a real sleeping bag, and I added an elastic strap to the bottom so that it can be rolled up. 

The outfit is a NASA flightsuit that I made a while back and the pillow is a part of a doll quilt set that I made years ago. The duffel is just rectangles, a web strap that I had cut off of some trashed bag or other, and and zipper, but I really love it, especially the reflective accents on the ends. It holds a TON of doll-sized clothes, with is fun!  


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