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Doll School Uniform from an too-small Real Uniform

My friend asked if I could turn her daughter's school too-small school uniform into a uniform outfit for her doll. I was excited by the challenge and got to work! I think it looks perfect! 

I used the collar and patch from the original shirt, and a thrifted cotton jersey dress and some buttons from my stash for the rest of the shirt. I used the free Liberty Jane Polo Shirt pattern from Pixie Faire, which was excellent and super easy! 

For the skirt, I used the already pleated portions of the original skirt, trimmed down to be doll-sized. The waistband was difficult because the fabric was so bulky--not a problem in a girl's waistband, but not great in a doll waistband! It took a few tries and some finagling, but I managed to make it look nice.