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Mid Year Goals Update

1. Be Black Belt Ready

a. Run a 10 minute Mile
Angela and John after a runIn January I ran a 12 minute mile as my starting point and was working on my fitness okayish, but once quarantine started I was slacking, feeling pretty down about homeschool and missing my regular activities. Well, a few weeks ago I got sick of doing nothing started back up on my couch to 10k program and running every day. Then John and I time a mile again and it was....10 min 32 seconds!!!! So I am making significant progress with this one! 

b. Pass my Red III belt test
My martial arts school is currently closed during the this has still not happened. 

c. Memorize all my advanced set combinations
Again with the quarantine, I haven't had the chance to practice these. I should probably email my instructor and see if he can email me the combos so I can work on memorizing them.

d. Get to a healthier weight through healthy eating and exercise
I've had good luck with myfitnesspal in the past, but I hate it. Eating makes me happy in the short term, but it is definitely an unhealthy coping mechanism. I have to commit to tracking. Fortunately, since I've been running I do eat healthier, but this area needs some work still!

2. Keep Blogging

This has been hard during lock down, I haven't had much motivation to keep track of what I'm doing because every day feels so monotonous.

4. Keep Crafting


a. quilt for baby Sebastian
Done and given!

b. quilt for baby River
Done and given!

c. quilt for baby Aidan
Done and given!

d. college t-shirt quilt
I hit a roadblock here...I was almost ready to sew all my shirts together when I realized I was missing a bunch of my favorites...and then I went hunting and found a ton of my college t-shirts all stashed in my closet! So I still have a ways to go on this but I haven't forgotten!

e. Catan Hex quilt (finish basting all the individual hexes at least)
I have been making progress on this! Update coming soon!

f. Christmas quilt
Yeah I haven't even ordered fabric for this LOL


a. Gunnar's renfair outfit
I was so close and then I had a fiasco with the collar and also...we didn't get to go to Sherwood because of the lockdown so I lost motivation.

b. Saoirse's Sailor Scout outfit
I forgot about this one...oops!

c. Cool Halloween costumes!
I don't know what my kids want to be this year...or if there will be a Halloween this year. 😭

5. Keep Writing

I haven't been doing much of this...though I have been going to my RWA meetings via Zoom! It's actually more convenient for me to attend via Zoom because of Gunnar's schedule and having a zillion kids, so that's one plus for quarantine!