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New Year New Goals! 2020

I have always been a huge planner junkie, and anyone who knows me knows that I have used a planner every single year of my life since the 6th grade.

Currently I use a customized horizontal Plum Paper planner, unbound, which I then hole punch and put into my original purple patent leather A5 Filofax binder. It lays open on the desk downstairs in front of the computer and I write everything the family needs to do and know in it!

I also love goals and goal-setting, and this year I used the Year Compass free downloadable booklet to reflect on my past year and make plans for the new year. It's very journaling-heavy, but since I also love journaling, it was perfect for me!

Which brings me to my goals! My friend Christina just posted her 20x20 goals for 2020 and while I am very impressed by her initiative, I'm not quite as ambitious! I've narrowed my goals down to a few major areas, many of them are just continuations from last year with a little expansion.

1. Be Black Belt Ready

I have a whole post planned about my martial arts journey through my life, but the short of it is that currently I have been training at Premier Martial Arts for 4 years and I have one more belt before I begin training for my black belt test here. To do that, I have some shorter term goals that I need to accomplish like:

a. Run a 10 minute Mile
b. Pass my Red III belt test
c. Memorize all my advanced set combinations
d. Get to a healthier weight through healthy eating and exercise

This is a very involved goal with a lot of moving parts, I know! But I know that it is worth the time and work, I know that I am CAPABLE of working hard, and I know that I have been in top fighting shape before and I will be again. I also have to try and be kind to myself when I mess up and understand that this is a very challenging goal considering how much of my time is consumed by taking care of my family. It's okay if this is slow and there will definitely be setbacks along the way.

2. Keep Blogging

This is a continuation of last year's goal. I had hoped to post once per week for the entire year in 2019 and I got really close! I posted 45 our of 52 weeks, which is a success of 87% which is awesome! This year I want to post at least 52 times, and that might mean posting more personal stories and even maybe some videos! John and I have played around with starting a Youtube channel for costumes and crafts, so look for that this year!

4. Keep Crafting

Also a continuation of last year's goals! I'm not going to pressure myself to do any particular amount of crafting at any particular time, but here are some of the things I really hope to finish this year!

a. quilt for baby Sebastian
b. quilt for baby River
c. quilt for baby Aidan
d. college t-shirt quilt
e.  Catan Hex quilt (finish basting all the individual hexes at least)
f. Christmas quilt

a. Gunnar's renfair outfit
b. Saoirse's Sailor Scout outfit
c. Cool Halloween costumes!

5. Keep Writing

I stopped going to my RWA writer's meetings last year, but I want to try and go again. I also want to keep up with my professional development courses, which I've already signed up for one in February! Any writing is good writing, be it journaling, blogging, fanfiction, work on manuscripts, or poetry. Maybe I'll even try Nanowrimo again this year!