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Toddler Sunday Dress - The Final Version

I finished Rosemary's beautiful Easter Dress and I am SO happy with it! Several weeks ago I was looking for more Catan Hex fabric and stumbled upon this beautiful Dear Stella fabric yardage at my local quilting store. I didn't find any fabric for my hexes, so I spent way too much money on this instead. Since it was so expensive, I made a wearable mock-up of it out of some cheap fabric from Joann's that I had in my stash, and I'm glad I did. On that one, the button placket is wacky, the underlining is bulky, and the tulle I added to make it puff out a bit was in the wrong spot so the skirt has a little bit of an odd shape. This one, other than one slightly wonky buttonhole, is exactly how I wanted it! I'm really proud of my sewing skills with this one, and it looks great on her too!

Check out those awesome pin tucks! This took a lot of trial and error on practice fabric pieces! Also check out that tongue--she is my little spice all right! 

I bribed her with Disney music videos to let me do her hair and it looks so perfect. 😍Lots of hairspray, some tiny elastic bands, and a clip-on bow!