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Sailor Jupiter's School Uniform Doll Outfit

Ya'll...I am so behind on posting! I meant this to go up a month ago! And I haven't finished writing up any of the Halloween Costumes! And I also haven't finished writing my October watching/reading/playing post! And I have three baby quilts and some renfair stuff to finish this month! I'm also working on a video that John and I made! I'm excited, but definitely a little swamped right now! 

So anyway....

I'm a big Sailor Moon fan and I have been since I was a little girl! My first exposure to it was actually the Manga, which I saw at a local Austin Comic Book Shop when accompanying my dad and uncle on their monthly comics and cards shopping trips. It was hanging in on a rack beside our usual Ninja Turtles and Duck Tales reads, but it had GIRL super heroes with long hair and cute dresses! I bought it and was hooked, and when the show aired in the late 90's in the U.S., I ate that up too! I even made a Sailor Jupiter outfit for myself back in college with my friends. (Um, so long ago that the photos are not on this hard drive but on a disk somewhere...I promise I'll find them!)

So of course I want to make some cute Sailor Moon outfits for my dolls (and my daughter, but that's coming in a Halloween post!) This cute dark haired doll reminded me of Lita/Makoto/Sailor Jupiter,  so I decided to do Sailor Jupiter's school uniform. I figured it would be less modification and good practice for future Sailor garb. I used the Sailorette pattern from Pixie Faire but I modified it quite a bit--long sleeves and cuffs, ribbon on the front, a waistband, and a separate pleated skirt that I just winged. The fabric is a single fat quarter from the fabric store and an old white sheet I've been used for lots of little bits. 

The back, like the pattern, has a velcro up the middle to get it on and off the doll. I did her hair in a pony, stuck some little rose patterned paper earrings on, and painted some round buttons green for her hair bauble. I think it turned out super cute!