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What I'm Reading Watching Playing: May

What I'm Reading

Wheel of Time 12: The Gathering Storm

Brandon Sanderson was a favorite author of mine before I had heard of Wheel of Time at all, and part of the reason that I started reading this series. Some reviewers have said that the transition between the novels written by Jordan and the ones by Sanderson is jarring, but I found it not just smooth but..refreshing. In the last few novels that Jordan wrote, the story was stagnant and the endless descriptions were dragging the pace down, so it was very nice when things got moving again. Sanderson's style is different, but I think he got the core of all the characters right.  This book picked up the pace and started on the massive task of resolving plot lines that had been danging since the very first book!

Wheel of Time 13: Towers of Midnight

The endgame is in sight, characters that have been apart for a long time are finally coming back together, and exciting changes are FINALLY happening. I especially liked Perrin's Wold Dream arc in this book and the fact that the Amerlyn finally starts acting like the Amerlyn instead of a cautious youngster with too much to prove. Also Mat's arc...and pretty much everyone except Elayne, who I find stupid and insufferable pretty much all the time. After this is only one book left! I'm excited to finish and move on to something else, but also sad to leave the world of Wheel of Time...until Amazon makes the series, at least!

What I'm Watching

The Umbrella Academy

At first I wasn't interested in another super-hero show. I mean, Gunnar bribed/bullied me into watching a bunch of super hero movies as preparation for Infinity Wars End Game and I am SO TIRED of the superhero thing. But someone suggested it to me, and then someone else, so we decided to try and and I LOVED IT.

It's not so much about super heroes as it is about a dysfunctional family with some wacky quirks. Each character was so flawed and interesting, I'm finding myself still thinking about it a week and a half after finishing it and I kind of want to watch it again already! Also, I love Ellen Page and she was great in this, though I think Klaus had the best character arc through the series. I highly recommend it!

What I'm Playing


Nothing. I read while I'm nursing the new baby late at night, and I watch T.V. with Gunnar in the evenings, but I spent most of the month recovering from a c-section and without enough brainpower for any games...other than a few kids games like Memory and Tic-Tac-Toe! Hopefully in June I'll be feeling well enough to get some game time in!