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John's Worskshop Tour

John's workshop is in his garage! 

Pros: Nice space, can be as loud as he wants
Cons: Not air-conditioned, someone wants to park a car in there

Panoramic Overview

 On the left; cabinets salvaged from an office demo job

On the right; metal shelves for storing projects, tools, and materials.  

Work Bench! This is made from an old wooden door. Mounted on the wall behind is a power strip and a computer monitor (for Netflix, mostly). Video camera is mounted directly above the table for close up filming. There is a ceiling fan and a box fan to help with ventilation.

 Commonly used supplies.

Shelf to the right of the work bench holds current projects and materials.

A beginner's collection of Sortimo T-boxxes. (Inspired by Adam Savage's Workshop.)

That's it for John's workshop tour!

 Stay tuned for Angela's Craft Room Tour in the coming weeks!